The Cornerstone Difference

The goal of Cornerstone Schools is to encourage the highest possible level of academic achievement and personal confidence in every student through stimulating, enriching and challenging programs.

How do we accomplish that goal? We do things differently.

Cornerstone was founded with with the understanding that if our youth is to become our future leaders, they need an education that properly prepares them for such a challenge.

Our program is designed to discover the raw talents and capabilities of each student, and then we light a fire under that talent, nurture it, and let it grow.

What makes the difference?

How does Cornerstone compare to other schools?

Cornerstone Schools
Other schools
Small Classes

< 12 students / class

16 - 40 students / class

Small Ratios

4 - 12 students / teacher

16 - 40 students / teacher

Individualized Curriculum

Every student learns differently

At Cornerstone we embrace that and invidualize each student's educational program

High Academic Standards

For ourself and our students

With well established schools and academic programs starting in pre-school and going through high school, Cornerstone provides a well rounded environment for students of all ages to thrive in.

Proper COVID Safety

Safety is our top priority!

Cornerstone remained open throughout the pandemic serving essential services, without incident.

Checkout Cornerstone's COVID Response for a comprehensive outline of how students will remain safe during COVID

Schools are still trying to figure this out

Flexible learning

In-class or Remote - Your choice!

Only Cornerstone is giving parents the choice each day, for their unique situtation, to decide if in-class or remote learning is best

Learn more about Cornerstone's Flexible Learning program.

Most other schools are either deciding for you or making you commit for months (or even the entire school year) at a time.

In-class learning

Of Course!

As long as the state allows in-class learning, Cornerstone will be open and teaching in-class safely, and allowing parents to choose

Most other schools have not yet found a way to do in-class learning safely. As a result many are choosing remote learning exclusively or doing half-days and only a couple of days a week

Quality Remote learning
*Quality is more than a teacher meeting online for an hour a couple times a week, and then leaving the rest up to the parents

Simulcasted Learning

Cornerstone is excited to introduce 'Remote Learning' that works. Following practices universities have utilized for years, Cornerstone will be streaming the in-person class live to remote students, and engaging them during the lessons, for the entire day

Learn more about Cornerstone's new Remote Learning Initiative.

Most indications look like remote classes will be similar to the end of last school year.

Attend class while sick or traveling

Flexibility and Options

With our new 'Remote Learning Initiative', students can attend class and continue learning when they are sick or traveling.

Not available

Flexible Learning Program - Parent's Choice

Cornerstone is committed to bringing back In-Class learning, and doing it safely. However, we also recognize that every situation is different and the future holds some uncertainty. Therefore, Cornerstone will allow students to utilize both our In-Class & Online Learning as they deem necessary.

As situations change, you get to decide each day what is the right choice for your kids. Because of our new 'Remote Learning Initiative', you have the option your child receiving the same quality Cornerstone education from home or in-class.

Make the right decision!

In these uncertain times and in a very competitive world, give your child every opportunity possible. Choose Cornerstone Schools!